Thanks for visiting my blog.  A few words on me, myself and I.

I am Ton Veldhuis, I was born in the East of Holland in 1958,  I live in Amsterdam and I work as a self employed consultant and projectmanager on lots of projects, some for clients, some my own. All these projects are multidisciplinary, all of them are commercial and creative at the same time and most of the time it’s about pioneering & changing. Sometimes it’s business development, and always it is about something new and getting things done.  A very strange combination indeed.

My focus nowadays is on the changing worlds of media and publishing. The web changed the way we communicate, learn, digest information and of course changed the way producers of original content make their money. Music, film, books, magazines, tv, newspapers, advertising,  the whole ecosystem is shaking.

With the advent of the iPad something strange occurred to me. It seems I am moving back to the beginning of my career. In the mideighties we were combining text, audio, video, graphics, into longform, rich, interesting, compelling productions and programmes. Most of these things one could not find on the web. And now it will all come back.

After Lawschool I was lucky to join startups for some five years of pioneering and experimenting with interactive multimedia. When cdi came along I left for more traditional gigs in advertising, events, PR & AV, for another 5 years. In 1995 I took the jump and became self employed, because ‘the web was coming’ and my employers did not see this. I enjoyed leading many projects and helping media, IT and telco clients to come up with a proper response to this new thing. After the dot con bubble I was very disappointed and turned my attention to a startup in fuzzy logic, datamining and machinelearning and combined it with projects in marketing.

And now, moving back to the beginning, I also feel the growing need to take more time to think, write and teach and help young people. I mean they are the ones doing it. Maybe my thoughts and experiences collected in 25 years can help them a bit.

In this blog I focus mainly on the publishing and media industries and their difficulties to cope with change. Why is change so difficult to achieve, even at a time when the fundamentals of the business are clearly crumbling? At a time when the disruptive forces of technology obviously are changing customer behaviour and advertisers seem reluctant. Could it be these businesses suffer from myopia? It is all a matter of perspective. Perspectives and views change by asking questions and looking from a different angle.

And to end with a bang. Remember folks: a strategy without action is a daydream!


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