Intentions & behavior

January 21, 2013

John Battelle predicted the commercial rise of Search (GOOG) back in 2005 in his book with the subtitle ‘ How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture’ . One of his central metaphors was ‘the database of intentions’. Advertisers would pay huge sums of money to place an ad(word) triggered by a search term  If someone is looking for a nice holiday farm in Tuscany it might make sense to place an ad for just that and hope that someone might click. Right so. The rest is history one might add.

Now intentions are under pressure. Amazon has this huge database with people who actually bought something. An act to buy is behavior. Actual behavior is far more interesting information for advertisers. Not for all products and services maybe, but for a lot.

Amazon woos advertisers with what it knows about consumers.


Back on the road again

January 3, 2013

Since my last post I have been launching a Big Data start-up and the coding & testing has finished.
It works quite well.
Business deals are underway.

Time again to write and share some of my thoughts.
Just as I enter the arena again, something happened.
Media companies are busy creating the role of Chief Digital Officer.