Time and timing

It has been a while.

The reason I didn’t post that much, besides enjoying a short holiday, is the same excuse many bloggers use: Twitter. Microblogging that is. I enjoy Twitter enormously, it’s big fun and very handy when it comes to pulling in information that’s actually interesting to me.  It’s combination of blogging, sharing, finding and curating works very well.

Of course there is a downside as well. I’m not fond of tweets of personal nature. I can’t imagine that someone out there wants to know what I watch, do or do not. And likewise, I’m not interested in messages of this nature from others.

But the upside is simple and elegant. I use it as a very personal filter. I follow people who know interesting stuff and have interesting thoughts and opinions. What they tweet must be interesting enough for me to consume and sometimes interesting for those people spending time following me.

Lately I have been working with a couple of friends on a concept we came up with 12 years ago. At that time GOOG did not exist. The idea was to save bookmarks and share these bookmarks with friends and likeminded people in order to create a subset of interesting webcontent. Everything stored in what we now call The Cloud and of course ranked. I recieve bookmarks from other people in my group, I rank them and the results of all these rankers is a human curated subset, the result of something we now call wisdom of crowds. We were putting together a bunch of people to test the algos, but then came word from GOOG and we stopped.

Let us jump in time and move to now.

The exact same problem as 15 – 12 years ago is becoming urgent again right now. I wrote many times about it. There is too much data out there. There is filter failure. Infobesitas, some people like to call it. How do we cope with all this data and turn it into information? RSS of course made following websites and blogs more easy, but RSS never became a tool for the masses.

Can we therefore claim that RSS really is dead?

Not at all!

Time will tell what tools and services will provide the best results.

Timing for Twitter looks pretty cool though.

I wish all of you a wonderful 2011.

For my part I will try to make more time to post more often, as 2011 will be far more interesting than 2010. The iPad has changed the stage, publishers have received plenty of wake up calls, paid content models will be tried more often, social media are on the rise, mobile has gained speed and the web is still very alive and kicking.

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