During the last two days I had a rather strange experience. I enjoyed reading a magazine. I actually read every article of the last issue of Monocle, studied the design, looked at their website and tried to figure out their business model.

I was impressed by their advertisements. The magazine is packed with them, so advertisers know to find them. They are capable of producing or co-producing stunning new forms of advertising for their clients. I wonder if these brands work directly with the Monocle team or if they go through an agency, be it media or branding.

I bought the magazine at ABC in Amsterdam. The coverprice actually was more or less the same as it’s subscription price. Another innovation, one could say.

Besides the magazine, they produce a televisionshow for Bloomberg and publish a newspaper. How about that!

They own shops and of course sell through their webshop.

The editor already made his mark with Wallpaper* of course, but I think Monocle is top of the bill and a very fresh inspiration for publishers worldwide.

Yes, it can be done. It still is possible to combine surprising and interesting high quality content with 21st century business thinking.  A prime example.

Certainly worth my full attention for the 6 hours it took me to read. And I will keep the issue and reread it.

If you want to experience Monocle, you have to buy the magazine and hold it in your hands.

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