Paying off?

Today I discovered a few interesting facts in this recently released report on global internet trends.

  • Data consumption for real-time entertainment usage surpasses web browsing in the US.
  • Netflix alone constitutes more than 20% of downstream traffic.
  • P2P traffic in Europe is declining again.
  • Households with fixed lines in Asia Pacific consume 3 times more data than their US counterparts.
  • Skype is popular, but in Europe mostly.
  • Europeans watch a lot of soccer on the Chinese web tv platform PPLive.

Facts are facts, especially when the data can be measured, as in this case.

But it is more interesting of course to ask the right questions.

  • Why are Europeans more active browsing the web then Americans?
  • Is the US web turning into a sort of new TV?
  • Are anti download policies and actions really paying off for content industries in Europe?

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