Action Packed

In a few days time Web 2.0 Summit 2010 will take place. This time producers Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle came up with the theme Points of Control. The Battle for the Network Economy.  A very interesting map has been made to portray the global internet landscape and the strategic moves of the most ambitious players. We sure have seen some interesting moves in the industry and I find the map real usefull.

One of these recent strategic moves has been made by John Battelle himself. Besides acting as co-producer for the Web 2.0 Summit, John wrote the first impressive book on GOOG, is a very regular blogger and is founder, chairman and ceo of Federated Media, an interesting company trying to connect expert bloggers with advertising dollars. FM recently bought a semantic profiling technology platform from Textdigger, a semantic search company. Interesting and promising move for this 5 year old company.

In the ongoing quest for new ways to combat infobesity a serious newcomer took the stage this week. You really should check out blekk0. The founders all have an impressive career in Search and have been working for the last three years on this new approach to Search.

And of course there was the long awaited new book of Kevin Kelly, who spends a lot of his time lately on studying the move to new forms of reading, a subject I’m interested in as well as you know. In his new book Kelly puts forth a unique view of technology as a living, evolving entity, which he calls ‘the Technium’. This thing (beast, monster, movement?) wants to grow and improve. It uses people as its agents. Be warned, so to speak.

This week also saw the birth of Libroid, a new program that tries to reboot the ebook for the interactive age, offering readers the possibility of potentially limitless content with every publication.

And then there is the news form WordPress, my very own personal publishing platform. Take a look at FoodPress. It is the blog host’s first foray into aggregating content written by its users. FoodPress wants to become the “go-to destination for the hottest dishes from bloggers” and in order to do so, the company has partnered with Federated Media (they have been busy…..).

And for all of us who think that cyberspace is the place to be, let’s not forget that in Real Time things happen as well. The US election days, several Government Debt Auctions around the world, FOMC Statement and budget votes in Portugal.

Action packed it will be for a while.

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