It can be done

This morning I received a tweet that pointed me to a debate organized by The Economist. This magazine is very succesful as a paper product, with great content and a huge circulation. At the same time it is a prime example of a media company that tries to understand the impact of the move to bits and actually really produces new forms of digital content. Content that matters.

The debate is on the question whether or not computing is the most important technology that originated from the last century. Two opposite views are expressed by top of the bill experts. Everyone can vote and comment. Very interesting views and opinions by readers are posted. The user engagement is quite long, I stayed at least for one hour and it had my full attention. I certainly will come back.

Of course I had to register and of course I will receive marketing materials from The Economist, but I don’t mind. I signed up for it.

The debate is sponsored by Intel. I did not object to this at all, on the contrary, I liked it. When was the last time you admired an advertiser for bringing you something on a screen?

So it can be done. Watch and judge for yourself.

Enter the debate at the medium right.

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