Open or closed?

Last week the semi closed system of facebook seemed not that closed, because other people besides your friends can follow you, at least if and when they pay.  Another major blunder. When will it stop and who will it stop? When the Wall Street Journal is investing huge amounts of time and effort to dig into your operation, I would certainly call it a very serious wakeup call.

GOOG, as always telling us they don’t want to be evil, published some nice figures. Revenue in Q2 was up 23% to 7,29b$. Profits were up 32% to 2,17b$.  More astounding than these figures is the simple fact that 1/3 is pure profit. No wonder they don’t know what to do with that pile of money! 

But the same week a study showed that GOOG in fact still is a one trick poney.

That can not be said of Apple. They presented another great performance in their last fiscal Q. Revenues 20,34b$ and profits 4,31b$. That’s 21% pure profit, but then again, they actually make and ship things.

Steve Jobs had a good time, claiming that the much debated issue of the battle between empires based on open or closed approaches really is not an issue at all. The real question should be what the customer wants.

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