More focus. Finally!

Working on a new project, I had to come up with some predictions for the next 2 – 3 years, in corporate media and publishing that is.

One of my certain bets of course is the rise of the tablets, as it is an expression of the more general migration to more mobility. Second sure bet is the rise of corporate publishing, since traditional publishers are loosing their ability to create value. Third trend is more bottom up: users want to experience the same satisfaction in their work as they do in their homes.

In my view the basic underlying force driving all these trends is the Data Deluge and the incapacity to deliver proper results. There is too much data and not enough quality info.

Therefore we will see more focus on information architecture, information design and user experience (design).


2 Responses to More focus. Finally!

  1. I strongly disagree with your statement that “(…) there is too much data and not enough quality content”.
    We’re experiencing a tsunami of data, but we’re having filter failure. There is a lot of quality content out there, but how to find it.
    GOOG will not help you w/ their sophisticated algos. Human curators are there to the rescue, among others.
    Clay Shirky agrees:

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