To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Several reports were published last month on internet in Europe and it’s usage. As usual, statistics differ and as usual I had to do some cross reading and checking before I could reach something that might look like an interesting point.  

Because Dutch tweets were once again worldwide trending on Twitter this week, I taught it might be nice to concentrate on Twitter.

In The Netherlands this year around 83% of the people use internet. The percentage of people who use it every day is 90.

Around 40% of the Dutch internet users spend some time during the week on social media sites. Besides Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter the Dutch use Hyves, a Dutch platform.

Only 4% of all Dutch internet users post a (= one) tweet every week. The Dutch people are frontrunners in the use of Twitter in Europe.

So, although Twitter is a lot of fun for the people who use it, people who do not use it, don’t see the use for it. And that is a very standard form of adoption of new media technologies or innovations in general.

If we apply the theories of Rogers on the diffusion of innovations on Twitter, we have to conclude that it is just beginning to be accepted by early adopters. And acceptance is not fast at all. Twitter still has a long way to go before it might reach the turning point of becoming a more widely used medium. In fact it has to quadruple at least.

Although I like Twitter and use it every day several times, I have to bear in mind that I am just one of the happy few early adopters.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet, therefore, is really Not the Question.

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