Knowledge, skills and attitudes

Early in my career I was involved in producing interactive content for educational and training purposes. During these years of experimenting I learned, amongst many interesting findings, a simple basic rule of human behaviour.

There is knowledge. Skills. And above all there is attitude. If one does not know something, one can learn it. Get a book, do online research, listen to an expert, study. If one can not do something, one can practice. Skills can be obtained. Even I can learn to blog for instance.

But the most important element of behaviour and the most difficult to train and/or obtain is attitude. The right attitude, that is. I mean mentalities like ‘dream-dare-do’, ‘yes, we can’, ‘just do it’, ‘change’.

The news that Nokia’s ceo is going to be replaced by Stephen Elop made me remember this lesson.  People from the North American continent are much more risk taking, entrepeneurial and adventurous. HTML was invented in Europe, but it became a business & an entire industry in the US. The old Europeans wrote fairy tales, but Walt Disney built an empire on top of it. The list goed on and on.

It’s not knowledge or the lack of it.

It’s not skills or the unabilty to practice.

It’s all in the mind. It’s all about attitude.

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