As I wrote many times, these times are quite bumpy and change is all around us.

This week I was in the process of launching a new blog on the issue of The New Normal, also because I wanted to start blogging in my mother tongue Dutch. The New Normal was coined by the top people of Pimco to describe a new period of slow or no growth and the deleveraging of debts. In short the dawning of a period fundamentally different than before the collapse of Lehman Brothers. I am convinced that we are heading this way and that all organizations, businesses and people will have to wake up to this new reality and adjust. In media, old and new, as well.

This New Normal could very well become a new paradigm.

That’s why I think advertising is a dead end street and that’s why I think semi closed systems will keep popping up on the internet and the web could very well be dead, as Chris Anderson wrote in Wired this month. That’s why I think the move to paid content will continue. And that’s why I think the coming tablets will be a success.

The intellectual framework behind my thinking has been the vision of Debora Spar and my view of change as a wave. Waves never act as a one way street. It’s always back and forth, up and down.

Today I recieved a tweet pointing me to this article in The Economist and I am very happy to notice I’m not the only one.

If The Economist publishes something, the impact is felt everywhere. So things might change again soon.

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