Users form waves

In my posts I often use the metaphor of a wave to describe the changes in markets and people when it comes to high tech. The concept of the wave is widely used by thinkers and writers to describe the fundamentals of change. Change does not arrive overnight, it does not appear all of a sudden. It is in the making for quite some time. One can feel it coming, if one is open to it’s call and can read the writings on the wall.

Alvin Toffler wrote a book called ‘The Third Wave’. Debora Spar tought us about the four different phases of disruptive technologies in ‘Ruling the Waves’. The probably best theory and model of diffusion of innovation by E.M. Rogers is in my humble opinion a wave as well. The many books and theories on high technology marketing explain the concept of the waves of diffusion of innovation by examining user behaviour.

User behaviour is the only thing that matters. If people try something new, it is because they immediately see use for it, and/or they like it. If need be, they will figure out a problem and fix a bug themselves. That’s the attitude that drove the first pc’s in the market. That’s the same attitude that lead to the iPad and will lead to a huge amount of other tablets. And apps, programmes, content.

Executives in media and publishing, already overwhelmed by high tech driven innovations, will not get another wakeup call this loud.

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