Waves of Change

Businesses are in constant change. Or as Heraclitus once said ‘πάντα ῥεῖ ‘. Most people translate this adage into something like ‘everything changes’, but the real meaning is more like ‘ nothing is permanent, except change’.  Something quite different.

Change has always been the central point of doing business. One has to respond to changes and trends. Every entrepreneur has the attitude and skills to act on this.  A very long period change has been relative constant and predictable, at least before disruptive technologies came along and increased the speed and unpredictability of change itself.

Today the basic concept of change has changed. We live in a period of a lot of changes, all happening at the same time. Now! Realtime!

It is not just the financial and economic crises, we are in the middle of at least 6 different and quite fundamental longterm shifts happening at the same time: the nearing end of fossile fuels, the birth of a greener economy, a newer version of capitalism, a shift from West to East, demographic bombs and of course more and more possibly disruptive technologies.

More waves of changes at the same time. More interdependance of these changes. More unpredictability. Short, medium and long term.

How to cope? Should we invest? Or should we close the curtains and wait until these storms are over? Sit still, jump ship, business as usual?

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