The (un)willingness to innovate

Early July I had the privilege to meet with a bright mind. An IT entrepreneur who is doing quite allright. We discussed the publishing industry and it’s unwillingness to innovate. In his opinion it is not unwillingness to innovate, it is the incapacity to do so.

  1. Companies usually start with a dreamer and entrepreneur. This phase is all about change and challenges.
  2. Growing the company means employing people and focus shifts towards educating and motivating them.
  3. After further growth the number of people has grown and focus will turn to cooperation and best practices.
  4. Companies grow to be to big. Now it’s all about numbers. Corporate culture is about competition and the idea of human failure is thrown out.
  5. In the end the company culture is all about power and therefore fear.

In the beginning success and failure can be huge. In the end it can only be done in baby steps.

That’s why innovation happens in small companies. That’s why big companies don’t seem to be able to innovate. That’s why big companies acquire small companies.

And that’s also the most important reason most mergers and acquisitions fail.

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