Lesson 2 Learn

B2C markets differ from those in B2B, most entrepreneurs know. There are many differences in decision making processes and the number and sort of people involved in such making up of their minds. DMU’s can be a real hindrance. I once made the mistake of just talking to and negotiating with R&D people, when at the final meeting an IT person popped the question if our new and to be tested software could be installed on a desktop and was supported 24/7. No deal therefore.

Nowadays things are shifting. We have to presume that all people who are used to B2C technologies at home, in the office and on the road will expect certain qualities in technology and the way it is used. UX, design in general, findability, support, timely responses, to name a few.

This will go on and move forward. In all forms of software, product design and high tech in general. Incomprehensible machines, too difficult to grasp devices need to become easy to operate and handle. If not, no deal.

This pressing issue will move forward into the incorporation of services into devices. If it is normal to search & order a song and pay for it on the same device I use to experience this piece of original content, I certainly want a similar experience at work. A similar service, so to speak.

Basicly this is about quality. Not just of a technology or a thing powered by technology. It is about the quality of experience. Or as we used to call it, long before the web took over: KISS.

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