High Tech needs High Touch

Many companies launching new applications and technological novelties are so busy with their day to day operations and problems, that they seem to forget that their possible customers need solutions to problems. Problems should lead to solutions. A solution looking for a problem doesn’t work that well.

John Naisbitt once wrote a book called ‘High Tech, High Touch’. It is about understanding the complexities of technology through the human lens.

Hightech companies and people need to design, think, feel, experience, communicate, explain and listen (not necessary in this order) like non-technological people. Human centered design and interaction, but in a much broader context than normaly applied. Solve problems and offer solutions. Ordinary people deal with ordinary everyday problems and that’s difficult enough as it is.

Sometimes a solution creates a problem as well. Last month the first real competitor recieved a lot of money to fight Facebook on the turf it started once: university. It seems students don’t want their folks to watch. That’s normal human behaviour.

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