Business as usual?

Businesses have to respond to changing habits and values of people, users, clients, potential customers. Their behaviour changes through their use of new media. It keeps changing and change becomes more or less permanent. New media and the technology upon which they are built can be disruptive. But not all disruptions are caused by technology.

One can argue that the near collapse of our financial sytem was caused by the 24/7 trade on a global scale and that the old system crashed because of disruptive technologies. But a more reasonable explanation would be that this crisis was caused by greed and other forms of human behaviour.

But a disruption of ‘business as usual’ it certainly was, is and will be for quite some time. Almost immediately corporate spending on IT, advertising and the flexible workforce was cut. These measures had quite an impact on old media, who in the process came to realize that content for free was not a good idea after all. (Timing for the iPad could not have been better.)

But now as time goes by, the willingness to invest and innovate however is still under pressure. Return on investment is becoming more of an issue. Uncertainty about the future is growing. Cash Out is out.  At least at big corporations.

I am in no way pessimistic, but I certainly can envision a scenario called The New Normal.  The top people at Pimco, who came up with the idea, really mean………stagnation. The Pimco people are dealing with money and finance, but if one looks at polarization in democracies and the attitudes towards European integration, stagnation becomes a more general feeling.

So, what does it mean for new media? How will this effect the migration to tablets? What will be the effects on newspapers, i/ebooks? Will stagnation stagnate trends I wrote about or will it speed things up? I don’t know, but it’s worth thinking about, when you make your plans to innovate.

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