Since I write, speak and consult on the subject of change, I need to change as well. And that’s what I did. And of course it took a while before my new direction became clear. During the last two months I wondered a lot about the question whether or not technology in itself is the real issue. If not, why use the term ‘disruptive technologies’? And is IPad a disruptive technology, or is it a very clever combination of marketing, design, strategy, money making and timing? It is a disruption, sure. But a technology? It uses all sorts of existing technologies. Maybe html 5 is disruptive? Certainly for Adobe, one can argue.  Maybe ‘disruptive forces’ was better?

I decided on ‘disruptions’. That’s it. Disruptions happen, markets crumble, companies disappear, even Facebook is getting enemies, not to mention GOOG. Disruptions is the central theme. They may be caused by technology, but I am quite certain that the clever use of existing technologies is more important.

The other thing I wondered about lately was triggered by a remark by a consultant in the media and publishing industry. He said that all companies and organizations own information and knowledge and are therefore publishers. I combined this with my observations that advertisers want to spend more and more money themselves and not funnel it through agencies, the so called Below The Line. Publish your own info. Most companies do it already on their intranets anyway.

So I skipped the word ‘industries’. Now it’s just ‘media and publishing’.

The title of my blog remains the same, mainly because I like it so much.

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