May the Force be with you

It has been a bit quiet and I have not been blogging as regular as I normally do. The reason is simple. Too much going on to sit down and think. Too much information. All big players were very active. Murdoch embraced the iPad. GOOG announced new services almost every week. Advertising seemed to be on the rise again. Many announcements of launches for tablets were made. Nokia is trying to catch up. Bookpublishers around the world are counting ereaders sold. iMagazines pushed.

Apple’s show is now behind us, I finished analyzing all the moves GOOG made recently and is planning to make in the coming weeks, I cleared a few bookshelves and I am beginning to get a clue. Myopia on my part, so to speak.

It is not the natural desire to make a profit while producing original content that has been the main driver of the changes. The very fast and enormous growth of the use of social media sure is a trend, but it is not the dominant one. And of course almost every company wants to copy Apple, and markets will become flooded with tablets and smartphones. It is neither the rapid powershift in the converging economic sectors IT, Telco and Media towards content.

It is all of it combined. And all of it happens real-time. A time when the impact of all economic and financial crises all around us are still unclear to most of us. It is all about power and money.

Good luck in the new season!

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