If and when new technological developments arise, it’s always a gamble to predict people will actually use them. It is not technology itself, we all know. More important is the reaction of the audience, the customers, we the people. Do we think it’s fun, a joy or just useful? We will use it. Until something else comes along and we might decide to switch.

Businesses are advised to watch what’s in the lab and might come to the market. That’s the easy part. And businesses have to look more closely and pay more attention to changes in the behaviour of their customers. That’s not an easy thing to do. And to respond properly still seems to be very hard.


  1. what’s happening in tech and in the labs?
  2. what new tech is actually being used or even embraced by people?
  3. how do we respond?

The third and most important element in this trinity it to respond. Organizational changes, reorganizations, education, new ideas, pathfinding, new business models, enhanced quality, rapid responses, pilots, experiments, cooperation, crowdsurfing, strategic alliances, whatever.

To do nothing is a response as well, but it does not offer a sustainable competitive edge. At least not for long.

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