Before you redo

Those with myopia see near objects clearly but far away objects appear blurred. That is exactly the case for people in companies and the companies themselves in the markets they serve. It is only natural to focus on the things, people and processes we know and to consider the way it has always been as the way it will always be.

It is not technological change itself, nor the disruptions of markets or the changes in customer behavior it causes, that force companies to adapt and adopt. The reason companies do change lies in the ability to understand these changes and to translate them into a vision, a strategy and a plan. In order to do just that, companies as a first step have to accept that myopia is a natural state of being. One has to accept that the future is not ours to see. One has to understand and accept that foresight is just a fantasy. Fantasies don’t pay the bills.

Foresight should never be applied. Do not look forward, look backwards. Hindsight is better than foresight.

Take a look at the web and how it affected your market and your product or service.

Is your core product news? Has the web and it’s still increasing exponential curves of change changed your basic product? What happened in this short period of time?

Is it your core service to gather readers and to offer this community of people to other people who are willing to pay top dollars to reach these people?

Rethink before you redo.

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