Outsider looking in

Outsiders watch industries under pressure and are not hampered by tradition. An industry under pressure is an industry where profits are evaporating. It’s really that simple. Tradition is the mentality of ‘business as usual’ combined with myopia. That’s simple as well.

Take the music industry. When analogue became digital, record companies pushed their libraries of content and made a fortune. A perfect reason for myopia:  less money to spend, higher margins and a huge demand. So execs became lazy. They forgot their basic audience: young kids without money, but with lots of time. The sole reason a young man came up with the idea of P2P, was that he could not buy a single anymore. Just one piece of music, not the whole album.

We all copied music when we were young. We all exchanged our music. This time however the bazaar was global and 24/7. Record companies sued users. Sharing sites were closed. While the record companies were defending their turf, an outsider came up with a new idea. As always.

Better copies for people with more money than time. Search, find, pay and play all in one well designed device. A single device, so to speak. What Apple basicly did was what they have been doing al along. Look at people, examine their needs and wants and come up with a multi user approach. All in one. Seller, artist, distributor, buyer, listener. Everybody happy.

But there were mp3 players all around us at the time. Why became the iPod this success? Well, as I told, it is not just a device, it is not just a gadget. It is a multi user thing. Just like the Mac was and just like the iPhone and iPad are.

Just keep watching as the iPad is taking the world of books, newspapers, magazines, tv and video by surprise.


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