The most pressing pressure?

Pressures within the value chain of newspapers are growing. Top down from advertisers. Bottom up by customers. Both pressures will continue to grow. At the same time pressures from the outside continue to grow even more rapidly. All these disruptions occur at the same time and blend into what seems to be the most pressing pressure of all: the disappearance of money. 

There have been many warnings on the effects and risks of disruptive technologies. But the biggest driver for change is the evaporation of turnover and profits, not new technology. Since September 2008 we can witness the disruptions in the media markets grow because advertisers stopped spending. Before that it was basicly just talk.

This simple fact will fuel already existing pressures and will set all things in motion. Change will have to come. We need to start and experiment with new ways of advertising, more innovative tools to measure the effects of advertising, more mixed media delivery, new content formats and new forms of cooperation between the content people and their commercial counterparts.

Journalists and editors view their commercial co workers mainly as opponents. Vice versa the same. Somehow the departments don’t mix. Collegues are viewed as people from another planet.

The two most pressing pressures are the evaporation of profits and the need to come up with new forms of cooperation within new types of news organizations.

Only by exploring new ways of cooperation and redefining centuries old practices newspapers will find a way out of this mess and recreate their quality product. Then the money will follow.

The other way around will not work.

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