Are typos remarkable products?

Newspapers need to reinvent their product. More precisely, they need to reinvent the quality of their product. If and when I read a quality newspaper I do most certainly not want to see misspellings, misprints and typos. Call me oldfashioned, but this is just ordinary sloppiness. If a newspaper is unable to produce flawless content in its most basic form, what else is missing?

Everything starts with a quality product. The higher the quality, the more subsriptions. The more subscriptions, lots of advertising. People still want to read a newspaper or should I say want to enjoy the experience of the daily routine of trying to understand what is going on in the world around them, be it local or worldwide. Especially in these turbulent days.

Why discuss content formats, shrinking budgets, changing habits of readers, competing media, moving towards multimedia, if one can not deliver on the most simple basic quality? Read the works of Seth Godin and start with Purple Cow.

It is all about creating a remarkable product. It is about attracting and holding on to the limited attention of people. Readers. User experience, one might say. Experience from a quality oriented point of view. Experience compared to similar experiences. Perception, is it not?

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