The other way around

Lots of high tech companies use the dynamics of Rogers’ models to market their products and services. Crossing the chasm is a bit of work. Media executives can use the ideas behind these models to detemine if and when to incorporate interactive or new media trends. How to interpret and judge hypes can be tough. Difficult questions as when to start with twitter or social media in general can be transformed into manageable decision making processes.

Take a closer look at your customer base, audience or target group. Who are they in terms of acceptance and use of new technologies? But first take a look at the number of users of new technologies and applications and ask yourself where this new thing is on the inovation diffusion curve. Is it beneath or moving towards 15%, will it move forward and make the jump to possible mass markets?

In social media it should be noted that many subscribers to a service do not actually use it, or not as much as they used to do. There is always rumour around the brand and a lot of buzz. Things come and go. Some stay however and continue to grow. You do not want to miss out.

But as always, timing is essential. If you are too soon, you look foolish. Too late, even more. To be on time can only be judged looking in hindsight. So, the best bet would be to start experimenting and start learning by doing.

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