Rogers’ Wave

An innovation is something that is accepted and used by a group of people. Markets are people.

The process of diffusion as outlined by Rogers can best be viewed as a wave. As I explain in my other blog the concept of a wave is in my view the basic concept of innovation itself.

There are some funny and very basic lessons to be learned for media innovations:

  • every new technology or use of technology starts with a very small bunch of people
  • this group of people, these people, are very hooked on everything ‘new’
  • they all have to feel the need to use the technology or application of the technology
  • only then the next wave will start to move, come into action, embrace and use it
  • these 2nd wave people are not driven by ‘new’, they are looking for ‘interesting’ and ‘useful’
  • 9 out of 10 new applications or uses of technologies fail to reach the third group of people (early majority, the first step into the mass market)

This is a golden rule for every sort of new media. Remember it is not about technology, it is about acceptance, usage and behaviour.

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