Hard lessons

If you want to introduce a new technology or a new usage of an existing technology, you have to start at the beginning and convince the innovators to adopt it.

If they do not, stop.

Only after you have succeeded, you can start thinking about the 2nd group of people.

They are a very different breed of people.

The first group is 2,5% of the total group of possible users.

The 2nd group is 13,5%.

You can not skip the first group.

Nor the second.

Only after reaching around this 16% of your market, the real work starts. That’s about moving into the mass market, the place where the money is to be made as marketers say.

Unfortunately 9 out of 10 new technologies or applications do not cross the line between the early adopters and the early majority.

And if you want to understand if a new technology or certain usage of media technology is accepted or might grow to be a killer application, the same thinking can be applied. Isn’t that great?

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