What will GOOG do?

When Google started they became an overnight success because people wanted to search the then web. After a few years of hard work, lots of servers, constant and continuous improvements of their algorithms Google more or less stumbled upon a business model and revenue stream: contextual advertising. Or as John Batelle called it, they created the database of intentions.  And what a wonderful invention that was. Basicly it is a license to print money, as the very first mobile operators used to describe their then nascent business.

GOOG changed the advertising, publishing and media business worldwide and overnight. And now Google needs content. No content, no nice content, no quality content……..nothing to search for really. Nothing to search for: no money to be made.

GOOG will therefore help producers of original content to survive. Google is not The Enemy, as most old school publishers think. It is their savior.

It is, again, all about added value and links in the value chain. In this particular case look at the bottom up pressures. We, the consumers, want and need answers to our questions. We do a search. Possible answers are presented. Wow!

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