A lot of executives in the publishing industries percieve the iPad as a gadget. A thing to play. Like an expensive watch. It is not. The iPad is not even the iPad, it’s the very first of many tablets. All major hardware players will launch one. They do not want to miss this shift in the computing industry.

The iPad will lie on kitchen & coffee tables and desks. It is multitouch and multi in its use. We wil check our mail, follow our tweets, surf the web, watch a movie, read a book and whatever new things new companies come up with. Music? No doubt!

Hey, some people might even carry it around and take it with them on businesstrips, to their holiday homes and even read on the beach. Remember the days when there were no mobile phones?

Why do I even bother to mention this strange phenomenon again? An article I read this morning and I sort of quote: ‘…young people do not appreciate an e-reader. They think it is a hopelessly oldfashioned stupid machine! What’s the use….? He is absolutely right. But is an ereader an iPad? Is iPad an ereader? Or an ireader? What is an ebook and what’s the difference with an ibook?

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