Pressures in the value chain

The game of business is played in a value chain. The links have to add value. No added value, no VAT to be paid (funny isn’t it, how they call this taxation?). No VAT, no profits. No profits, guess what.

In the old days, long before disruptive technologies were invented, pressures were controlled top down.

Due to the disruptive character of technology pressures also originate bottom up these days.

Value chains tremble. Every link has to look both ways. All the links have to understand the pressures, where they come from and what they mean. If the link above me will dissapear, what will it mean? What’s happening in the link to me from beneath? Will and can they pass me by?

Disintermediation we used to call it in the early days of the web.

Traditional top down (command and control) pressures come together with new, poorly understood, bottom up pressures. Business has suddenly become a whole new game.

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