Impact of iPad

Most people experience and percieve the iPad as a gadget, a must have thing. That is very good news for Apple (and they sure are selling lots of them; these days also in the EU), but it is much more than just a gadget. I look upon the iPad from a business point of view.

It is a gamechanger & catalyst. It will drive innovation. And there is no way to tell where this thing and everything it sets in motion will lead the media industry and it’s players.

Some (meaning: not all) of my arguments why it will be a huge and unstoppable succes:

  • Consider the simple fact that this is not the first time Apple changed an industry.
  • Mac, Pod, Touch and Phone changed businesses and reshuffled complete value chains.
  • Apple (thank you for your example) knows exactly what it is doing.
  • All major players in all IT related industries know this very well and already are arranging their responses.
  • Tablets in all sorts and sizes will flood the markets.
  • In hardware nobody saw the huge demand for webbooks. Now they know.
  • Mobile internet and mobile web can finally take off after 15 years of anticipation.
  • In the content driven parts of the web the producers of original content desperately want to be paid.
  • The web itself will definitely enter phase IV of every breakthrough technology: rules and regulations.
  • We (as in we users and consumers) are really ready for some real  interaction.
  • We want rich, meaningfull, longform interactive content.
  • Advertising online does not pay the bills for producing content.
  • Advertising online (except for Google and a few others) is no viable business model anymore.
  • Advertisers already raise their BTL budgets and they will continue to do so.
  • Who needs (at first glance) programmers?
  • iPad offers a complete solution for content (producers): production tools, publishing tools, checkout and billing counters.

In coming posts I will elaborate on my arguments. For now it is sufficient to warn media executives the iPad is not a gadget, it is not just a thing. It is the perfect blend of already visible trends in different parts of the value chain (or ecosystem) coming together to form a perfect storm. Be advised and warned for this catalyst.

Change spectacles!

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