Not bad at all for an 11 year old

Google this week announced two major and again blunt new business moves. It is stunning to watch this 11 year old company grow. I never lost interest since I got my very first mail with a link to their new search engine, back in 98. They sure seem to have kept their startup attitude and energy.

Google offers lots of nice, useful, beautiful and handy services and is probably the most successful company so far, at least in the media industry. Which is a bit surprising, since it basically started as a company in the IT business. They came up with and still expand on very well designed algorithms.

Why is it that the publishing and media industries future is designed by engineering companies? Who would have thought that during a recent top meeting of the biggest and brightest minds & most influential businesspeople in publishing every attendant worked in Technology? And more surprisingly: where were all the publishing and media executives? They were the audience.

Technology is something most publishers never really learned, let alone understand. Printing was easy, one shipped a manuscript to a printer or to one’s own printing factory. Then slowly but gradually computers arrived on desks. First to replace typewriters and calculators in the office, then to automate parts of the design and (pre) publishing process. But these things were just tools. Like a piece of paper and a pen.

Nowadays computers, laptops, iPads, smartphones and whatever new devices the future will bring, actually are turning into rather hybrid tools and experiences. These devices are used for producing and consuming content. The Alfa and Omega of the information age. (Or should one say: Beta and Omega?)

One writes, designs, composes  and reads/watches/listens on the same device.  Always and everywhere.

The epicenter of this shift has become a screen. And an overwhelming part of the content producers and consumers of today look at a homepage on this screen. They even call it…….. home. In most cases this is and will be a very well designed ‘homepage’, with just one name on it. That’s indeed not bad at all for an 11 year old kid!

And this week the kid announced it will take a shot at another screen: our TV.

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