New as source of myopia

With every new form of new media, all of the believers jump on it. The digital tree is growing quite rapidly and more and more branches are  there to be seen. On each branch new media enthusiasts sit as birds tweeting. They all sing the same song: everything will change and it will change now (or tomorrow, or at least very soon).

Older, old school, executives have seen it all and before. A lot will change, but much will stay the same (as the French say). Where’s the money? We’ll wait and see. Watch and buy later.

Both ways of thinking, mindsets, frames or perspectives are part of the problem. Not everything will change, of course not. But a lot has changed already in a rather fundamental way and a strategy solely based on the presumption of business as usual is not getting you there (where is there, I might ad?). On the other hand most of the hyped ideas of innovators and early adopters will never reach the Walhalla of the mass markets. They will fade away and be replaced by new hypes.

These two different views are not based on sound analysis & thoughtfulness. It is more something like a habit of non thinking.

The source of this type of myopia originates in the domain of attitude. Knowledge can be obtained, skills can be practised, attitudes can also be changed, but the process is more painfull.

In the meantime media executive minds & habits and eager action oriented new media dynamics devotees grow apart. Both should be careful and avoid that their differences in judgment and beliefs will lead towards a chasm. 

High Tech needs High Touch as Naisbitt said.

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